About Sam

Dr. Sam Liles testifying at Senate Select Intelligence Committee in 2017 on Russian interference of elections.

Dr. Samuel Liles, has been an enlisted soldier, marine, law enforcement officer, infosec industry leader, professor, CISO, and senior member of the intelligence community. He currently works for UKG as Senior Director of Security Operations. Sam has a doctoral degree from Purdue University and his dissertation was titled “Cyber warfare as a form of conflict: Evaluation of models of cyber conflict as a prototype to conceptual analysis

His industry and technology career spans missile systems, space-based systems, ship and yacht navionics, industrial control systems, mainframe computing, telecommunications management, cloud services, and information technology & security management. He consults on cyber conflict, information technology, security and incident response with various entities around the globe.

He has held academic appointments as a tenured Associate Professor at Purdue, and at the National Defense University in the Information Resources Management College. He has taught and mentored the CIOs and CISOs of the federal government and industry. He taught in Europe and China and lectured in numerous countries. His focus has always been about “do” more than “write” but he has scribbled out a few things. He is a (co)author on 2 books, 3 book chapters, 7 peer reviewed journal articles, 2 Amici Curiae, 14 conference proceedings, 8 technical papers, and technical editor on 3 books.

Dr. Liles lives and works off grid aboard EOTI a sailboat at an undisclosed location with his wife, twin sons, and an over eager labrador retriever named Hazel. He currently sails the east coast of the United States and Caribbean full time. He can be found blogging at www.sveoti.net and on twitter @dr_liles.