Shame on you! All of you!

That’s it! I am done! I am done with the main stream media (MSM). I am done with the BS bloggers. Done.

We are holding a presidential election. We are trying to determine who will lead us for the next 4 or even 8 years.

The state of our nation is pretty poor. The economy is the latest casualty and it is reminiscent of the Great Depression. People are out of work and have been out of work for so long they are no longer counted as the unemployed. Businesses are closing or struggling to stay afloat. Gas prices are high. Food price are high.

We are in a war that seems to have no end largely because we have not defined what success looks like so we wouldn’t know if we actually got there. And in the course of this war we have lost our credibility and our standing in the world and taxed our allies’ resolve to stand by us.

We are allegedly a first world nation – a super power even. But we have literally millions of people who do not have healthcare. And they do not have healthcare because they don’t want it. They don’t have healthcare because they can’t afford it or no one will sell it to them.

Our infrastructure is crumbling. Literally falling apart. The roads have such huge potholes that they are the cause of accidents. And they are not getting fixed. The bridges are old and in disrepair and we made a list of them and posted that list on the internet. But they are still in disrepair.

The K-12 education system is failing our children. All our children, the inner city children, the suburban children and the rural children. We now test our children to death to fulfill the No Child Left Behind nonsense, but we are not equipping them with the knowledge or skills to survive and succeed in the world.

These are some of the problems we are facing, but not all of them. There are more problems. But we are a smart bunch of people (yes I really believe this) and we already have solutions for many of the problems we face. We just have to implement them.

So here we are, trying to decide who will lead us, hopefully out of this mess. We have candidates telling us about themselves and their positions on this truly important issues. We, the people, are gathering this information so we can cast informed votes.

And the MSM and the BS bloggers are ever so helpful (please note the sarcasm). The MSM makes sure we stay focused on what is really important. Like who does Barack Obama know? Who has he served on boards and committees with? What does his pastor say (not him, his pastor – they hypocrisy of this coming from a bunch of atheists and others clearly hostile to religion generally has not escaped me)? Whether or not he wears a flag pin on his lapel (Hillary doesn’t wear one, but we never actually mention that).

We try to dig up dirt on the first person in more than 20 years to make us hopeful (I am referring to Ronald Reagan). We try to take his words and twist them to mean something else and then sell that as true when it is clearly just a hack job.

So, I am pissed. The MSM should be ashamed of themselves. They have become nothing more than a bunch a rabid dogs looking for the next victim. It doesn’t matter if you are Brittany Spears or Barack Obama, they want to degrade, humiliate and ruin you on national television and call it “news”.

It is time for Americans to say enough. It is time for Americans to tell the MSM to either do their job properly (and actually report on real stories rather than this made up nonsense) or label themselves the tabloid rags they really are.

Barack Obama is asking each American to stand up and be counted. He is asking Americans to find the common ground and put aside those manufactured divisions that have been sold to us for so long. Those divisions that make us weaker as a country. Barack Obama is asking us to embrace the vision of the united States of America the way our founding fathers saw it, the way Lincoln saw it, the way Martin Luther King, Jr. saw it and the way John F. Kennedy saw it. He is asking us to give our best and he is promising to give his best.

When are we going to throw off the shameful BS that is passing for news? When are we going to decide to give our best? When are we going to accept the promises of a good person that he will give his best? When are we going to realize that everyone makes mistakes, misspeaks and blunders but a few are actually gifted with the ability to rise above the blunders and show us the greatness to which we aspire?

3 comments for “Shame on you! All of you!

  1. sam
    April 20, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    What is the credibility of the MSM when the generals they hire for their expert opinion are paid shills by the government? What are we to think with every scare story that explodes on the scene contradicting the previous story? What is the answer? Where is the Edward R. Morrow of our time? Blogs, and social websites create a echo chamber of rhetoric, ABC/NBC/CBS have all cut back their news staffs so they’ve become contemptible diseased hollow organs.

  2. Borton
    April 21, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    I don’t know. The MSM got it right about that crazy Ron Paul guy. Who does that also-ran think he is, focusing on a literal interpretation of the Constitution, an old out-dated, and apparently worthless document? What nerve he has,voting against the majority in congress when he thinks it’s the right thing to do. The MSM was obviously right to treat him like a side show act with no hope of winning, pushing him off to two minute spots on late night talk shows, and excluding him from debates. In fact, I’m not sure why the republicans, or any body else for that matter, even bother to run a candidate. It’s obvious that our only choices are Barack or Hillary. I for one am glad that the big networks are there to do all my thinking for me. It leaves me more time for mind numbing celebrity gossip.

  3. Stunod7
    April 23, 2008 at 9:57 am

    In regards to the MSM, I saw a hope… A slight glimmer of hope… When ABC hosted their recent “debate” and the reaction they have received not only by the crowd the evening of the event but across other MSM organizations. Hopefully it will force them in to realizing what a disservice they’ve done to the American people and give them a chance to rectify it in the future.

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