ITS 472 Final Project Paper (NMCI)

Students in my ITS 472 Networking Architecture course have completed a network design replicating the Navy Marine Corps Intranet project. The overall goal of this excercise was for the students in about 10 weeks to design an enterprise network solution with zero experience in the realm of a specific enterprise business or operating mode. As part of the project team there were two veterans (Army and Air Force), but neither had any domain knowledge while in the service regarding networking. With this being the case the students were required to do an expansive search of the assigned enterprise environment.

There are always going to be factual and speculative errors in any architecture design document. What makes this document substantive is that it was created using only open source literature. I would really like to see some feedback as to thoughts on the design. The students would like to know if they can get a job working on the next iteration. The students did a lot of work on this I think the product will speak for itself.

Low resolution 376 page document (pdf) HERE (8.5mb) Compressed images

High resolution 376 page document (pdf) HERE (30.4mb) Full print quality

Presentation by students (pending)

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