Fall 2008 Book Adoptions

This semesters text book adoptions.

32624, 34174 — ITS 100 Info Tech Fundamentals
This is the freshman experience course that also covers pervasive themes in IT, organization issues, and history of IT, IT and its related informing disciplines, application domains, computer math, and other IT topics.

Senn, James A. “Information Technology: Principles, Practices, and Opportunities” 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall ISBN 0131436260

32625 — ITS 200 Ethical & Legal Issues
This course covers professional communications, social context of computing, teamwork concepts and issues, intellectual properties, legal issues in computing, organization context, professional and ethical issues, responsibilities, privacy and civil liberties, and other topics.

Reynolds, George “Ethics in Information Technology” Second Edition, Thomson Course Technology, 2007, ISBN 1418836311

32628, 34176 — ITS 130 Platform Technologies
This course covers architecture and organization, computer infrastructure, enterprise deployment software, firmware, hardware and other topics.

Eckert, Jason W. & Schitka, M. John, “MCSE Guide to Managing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network, Enhanced“ Thomson Course Technology, 2005, ISBN 0619217537

32638, 34178 — ITS 135 Operating Systems Tech
This course covers operating systems concepts, applications, administrative activities, installation, customization, maintenance, security, and other topics.

Palmer, Michael and Walters Michael “Guide to operating systems”, Enhanced Edition, Thomson Course Technology, 2007, ISBN 1418837199

32643, 34179 — ITS 170 Network Technologies
This course covers routing and switching, physical layer, foundations of networking, security, application considerations, network management, and other topics.

Chappell, Laura A. & Tittel, Ed “Guide to TCP/IP” Third Edition, Thomson Course Technology, 2007, ISBN 1418837555

32635 — ITS 250 Fund of Info Assurance
This course covers security mechanisms, fundamental aspects, operational issues, policy, attacks, security domains, forensics, information states, security services, threat analysis, vulnerabilities, and other topics.

Maiwald, Eric “Fundamentals of Network Security”, McGraw-Hill Technology Education, 2004, ISBN 0072230932

32629 — ITS 270 Internetworking Tech
This course covers requirements, acquisition/sourcing, integration, project management, testing and quality assurance, organizational context, architecture and other topics. – Taught as advanced routing techniques and networking.

Grice, Michael “CCNP Guide to advanced Cisco routing”, Course Technology, 2001, ISBN 0619015756

Grice, Michael “Lab Manual for CCNP guide to advanced Cisco routing”, Course Technology, 2003, ISBN 0619130865

32631 — ITS 330 Adv Operating Systems
This course covers the comparison and contrast of operating systems, the detailed examination of architecture, customization and implementation of the features of specific operating systems. Extensive laboratory exercises are assigned.

Abraham Silberschatz, Peter Baer Galvin, Greg Gagne, “Operating System Concepts, 7th Edition”, Wiley, ©2005 ISBN: 978-0-471-69466-3

33711 — ITS 350 Systems Assurance
This course covers the implementation of systems assurance with computing systems. Topics include confidentiality, integrity, authentication, non-repudiation, intrusion detection, physical security, and encryption. Extensive laboratory exercises are assigned.

Smith, S., Marchesini, J,, “The Craft of System Security”, Addison Wesley, 2008, ISBN 0-321-43483-8

32817 — ITS 430 Systems Programming

This course covers multiple platform scripting tools and script development for customization of systems features, batch operations, and automated system management. Extensive laboratory exercises are assigned.

Robbins, K., Robbins, S,, “Unix Systems Programming: Communication, Concurrency, and threads”, Prentice Hall, 2003, ISBN 0-13-0424110

33712 — ITS 450 Software Assurance

This course covers defensive programming techniques, bounds analysis, error handling, advanced testing techniques, detailed code auditing, and software specification in a trusted assured environment. Extensive laboratory exercises are assigned.

Seacord, R, “Secure Coding in C and C++”, Addison Wesley, 2006, ISBN 0-321-33572-4

Slade, R. “Software Forensics: Collecting evidence from the scene of a digital crime”, McGraw Hill, 2004, ISBN 0-07-142804-6

34171 — ITS 452 Computer Forensics
This course covers the techniques used in the forensic analysis of computerized systems for gathering evidence to detail how a system has been exploited or used. Extensive laboratory exercises are assigned.

Nelson, Bill; Phillips, Ameilat & et.al. “Guide to computer forensics and investigation”, Third Edition, Thomson Course Technology, ISBN 10: 1-4180-6733-4 

32637 — ITS 470 Lrg Scale Hgh Perf Sys
This course covers topics in grid computing, managing computing clusters, distributed processing environments, storage area networks, and large computing environments.

Taenbaum, Andrew & Van Steen, Maarten “Distributed Systems Principles and Paradigms, Second Edition”, 2007, ISBN 0132392275

Text books are subject to change at any time by the professor teaching the course.

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