Oh no my parents joined FaceBook: Where lame 20 something’s blindly blather like the idioterati

Seeing this meme roll through the Web 2.0 sphere as shocked and horrified stories of adult children are arrogantly disgusted that their social activities are ousted to their parents is hilarious. What isn’t so hilarious is the whimsical childishness of this group of social software natives stepping all over the roots of the Ent’s as they blather away.  The hormone laden slimy sexual proclivities of the drug laden culture of 20 something’s blared across Twitter in a mind numbed orgasm of social media is already enough to make a real digital native ill. Oh my did you know there was this thingy called the Internet. Shock and horror and there are people on it too. Let me grab my cane as a toddle over to find the “any” key.

You see those six pack wearing made up personas are getting all frizz haired over their parents joining Facebook and finding out that Bif and Buffy are actually drinking carousing degenerates. Oops can’t hide that orgy of last night and do you have a proclivity to post pictures of sotted out Johnny on his profile page? You mean there might be like, “CONSEQUENCES” for acting like a total douche bag and having people in the real world that might like “CARE” attached to web 2.0? Like, we’re all surprised even though peoples CAREERS have been DESTROYED by posting their stupid activities on Facebook? This is freaking news?

Now let me get this right. People act out, brag about their bad behavior, then create a website to console each other about being found out, and the news is that parents are joining Facebook rather than how stupid people are on what they post on Facebook? I’m moving to the hills where incisive discussion by magazines as supposedly professional as TIME don’t let ragged 20 something digital idioterati (a replacement for digiterati) meaning digital idiots.  These 20 something idiots of the Internet came onto the Internet like they discovered it, had a keggar, pee’d in the potted plants, and are now upset that somebody took pictures. Welcome to the web where the stupidity of 20 something’s can only be outdone by their narcissism.

You see the Internet has been around a long time and all this social media stuff is real old. Like before all you 20 something’s were born. The NNTP protocol existed a long time. The first interactions of the Internet were social and collaborative. Oh and the Internet has been around since the late 1960’s. That is like before any of those 20 something’s were born. Bulletin Board Systems (BBS’s) were popular dial in services, including dating services, which existed in the late 1970s and 1980’s. About the time those 20 something’s of today were being made. For all we know those pissed off digital natives on Facebook all mortified were conceived after a hot steamy ASCII texting session on the SeattleSingles BBS.

Imagine having to grow up and act responsible. Not that society is actually supporting people growing up. I was in the military when I was 17 and it seems that now according to baby-boomers, that other reckless generation, has tried to identify being adult as just south of 50. So of course 20 something’s are acting askance about their parents being able to use the Internet. They are subjectively 12 in baby-boomer years.

You know some of us old people even know how to use instant messenger and SMS too. Heck I even know how to use Bit Torrent. I know all you properly coifed Abercrombie Fitch wearing 20 something’s in appropriately angst ridden dripping attitude will be shocked that technology is more tolerant than you are. Realizing the failure of the public school system at the hands of feel good baby boomers has likely left most 20 something’s with little in the way of a formal education, but just as a hint the INTERNET IS OLDER THAN YOU ARE.

For all the rest of us who straddle the forgotten generation between baby boomers and these gen-y upstarts tolerance of the idioterati is a given. We not only remember the rotary dial up phone we grew up with the Internet. Our generation has always had the Internet and we can remember each of the bright flashes as AOL went gold then bust. We might even remember CompuServe (we miss your total numeric email addresses so little), we can talk about DIAL UP access to the Internet, and late night bull sessions on IRC. Twitter is nothing new to us as we bend it to our needs. Perch is more than a fish to us. The “Ent’s of the Internet” still roam but we rarely notice the idioterati in their buzzing drugged and drunken mating dances whirling into Facebook picture albums to be copied and used when the subjects become politicians.

My adult step-daughter (a recent 20 year old) and my step-son all discovered Facebook and MySpace long after I did. In a twist on the story I “un-friended” my step-daughter when her angst ridden proclivities finally were to much. The shock and horror never happened. When she didn’t want to “re-friend” me I just put her down for “The” fruit-cake for Christmas from now on. Those of us in that spanning generation are digital nomads less worried about Facebook and more interested in what is next. When the 20 something’s quit peeing down their legs over who is on Facebook maybe they will join Web 2.0 for more than their narcissism and help fix society. Until then they should learn to use diapers. Yeah, I’m an old fat bald guy, but I can recognize the idioterati when I see them.

Idioterati – The ultimate idiots, the opposite of digiterati, influenced by the concept of idiocracy.

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