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Semper Fi Devil Dogs

I have been tagged by the mighty morphing pundit the one and only zenpundit. Let loose the dogs of war and the mighty shall fall and here are the rules:
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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

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Here are the facts:
1 – Of fact there is no fiction. I have ridden a motorcycle in excess of a 1000 miles on multiple occasions in less than 24 hours. For this endeavor of will and continence I have been given membership as a true iron butt.

2 – When I left law enforcement I put away all of my firearms, I packed them up, and until I took up archery for the second time had no ballistic type weapons. I wanted to protect my hearing. I’m loosing my hearing anyway and I find it quite ironic. Archery though is very quiet and contemplative. People want me to compete so I shoot poorly and they stop asking. That is my story and I’m sticking to it.

3 – I personally own/have almost every x86 chip generation in laptop form and three power pc generations of laptops. My favorite though is an 8086 luggable blue screen monstrosity from Radio Shack (by the way that is darn near 15 laptops). Totally nerd weird. Add to this that I collect old software programs and I’m absolutely sure some day I will either open a museum, or effect the course of national security by providing a critical piece of legacy software in a crunch. Oops that last one already happened.

4 – Between 1986 and 1999 I did not drink, and since 1999 I do not smoke. Though that may seem somewhat strange I still cuss like the Marines taught me too. I also now own a wine cellar that fluctuates between 20 and 100 bottles of wine. I only buy Mexican beer and only twice a year. I miss cigars.

5 – I have military fighting knives/bayonets from almost every major American war including the Spanish American War, World Wars 1 & 2, Korea, Vietnam, but more interesting is the fact I don’t own a k-bar from when I was in the Marines. I have no idea where I put them all though.

6 – I have what is likely 2000+ books in the library in my home. There is near 170 linear feet of shelving stacked two deep (in many places), and nearly half again that much in my office at work. I love books but I sin. I write in them. I write in the margins, highlight them. From Clausewitz to the Bible I put sticky notes and markings all over the place.

7 – Regret is for fools that cannot see the future. I will always be a fool because I regret leaving the Marines as a task undone. That singular task regardless of the broken body I left with, regardless of the pain and suffering that followed, in many has shaped my history and my future. The constant striving for new challenges in new jobs, the incessant travel, the high risk consulting gigs, and in many ways where I am today are symptoms of a long past regret near 22 years old.

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