House committee moves to censor and circumscribe representative to constituent communcation

United States Government House of Representative seeks to close, restrict, and disenfranchise the American public access to their representatives. In a move that blatantly exposes the absolute totalitarian nature that American agencies are willing to use in efforts to shut down the social and progressive nature of politicians seeking access to their constituencies through technology. In a move that exposes that technophobia that is rampant within the house of representatives and thus exposing the dinosaurs of techno-antiquity the house Committee on Administration who normally deal with the MAIL seek to ban technology used by even the most obtuse luddite. 

Nothing less than a roll back of sunshine laws, and a repression of politicians rights to access their constituencies. This new set of rules shows a deplorable lack of sophistication in the social and technical merits of multiple open and free services that are no longer contained to the desktop and managed by jackbooted information technology thugs as idealized by “Bastard Operator From Hell”. Though this could be considered a democrat versus republican debate as put forth by many the reality is that it is an underhanded subjugation by the technology fearful towards the technology aware. I am sure that reasoning on this topic has something to do with staying on topic, but as a citizen I do not want a zombie representative subjugated to the will of a national politic machine I want them responsive to me. Even when the answer is not what I want, I want the open door of communication, and I want that access to not be falsely constrained. 


The idea, the concept, the rather intolerant and belittling tone of the letter put forth in an effort to shut down representative to constituent communication reeks like the rotten cabbage breath of a luddite. Instead of taking the growing utilization and amazing populist position that representatives should be enabled in their communication efforts the effort is to censor and obstruct. I see the creeping hand of power hungry system administrators filled with their godhead personas  being facilitated by the abject ignorance and arrogance of the small minded members of the committee. 

Moving rapidly through the social networking environment representatives posting on TWITTER, and other places have exposed this travesty in totalitarian politics. This is the nature, the power, and the reason that constituents who have access to their representatives will hold any representative proposing censure, censorship, or restriction accountable at the national level. 

UPDATE: 7/9/2008

Fabius Maximus waded into the discussion this morning with some interesting points on the relative issues on this being a partisan bickering match. I would have to agree with Fabius that this is less partisan than it appears on the outside and more of a what I have already stated as an institutional issue. In the litmus test of partisanship I think it does fail. The article posted by Fabius Maximus leading to a Tech Dirt article is very interesting as they point out earlier coverage of a democrat congressman having the same issues. They read the letter posted by representative Culberson as an attempt to loosen the rules. I don’t think I agree. The letter to me appears to be explaining why the rules need to be followed and how the information technology infrastructure can not hold up under the weight. My opinion still is that the attempt is to circumscribe and control what information is released to the public. 

UPDATE 7/10/2008

There has been more movement and continued discussion. Whether republican or democrat, conservative or liberal all citizens should be concerned about their access to government representatives. At no point in history have people had the tools available to allow them unqualified access to their representatives in government. The Internet was created and founded on the principles of collaboration and communication. The adoption and use by politicians is only one step to a democratization process that empowers people. In many ways the Internet transcends populist and elitist. In many ways the Internet realizes a simple dream in a republican (small “r”) representative democracy. 

Some new organizations have sprung up and some old ones have renewed interest and vigor.

The Sunlight Foundation

Let Our Congress Tweet!

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