TIMN conceptual mapping

This is a conceptual map of TIMN (early and incomplete) to see it better click on the image and it will become larger.

This is an early effort to start mapping the relationships of TIMN by David Ronfeldt. This is also my first attempt at crowd sourcing a solution to a problem. T+I+M+N relates to the concepts of how humans organize themselves. I think the organizational characteristic may be larger than humans but that is for another day. The TIMN refers to tribes, institutions, markets and networks. What I’m doing at this point is conceptually mapping terms and definitions then relating those concepts to other concepts as appropriate.


This is a very large problem set in understanding the constructs of human organizations. Sociologists have a tendency to focus on specifics (not a criticism) and this I think looks at holistics. Dr. Ronfeldt talks about the emergent properties of this structure and though conceptual mapping is a reductionist technique at this level it may be of use in finding relationships.

If the ontological and taxonomical structures can be addressed and thereby a fully formed construct created the relationships should allow for a heuristic to be created. An ontology gives you the characteristics of an entity and how it can be grouped. For this situation the TIMN construct is the primary grouping and the nodes (shared and separate) represent separate groupings. The links represent the classifications. Taxonomies give ranks of groupings. Thus the further down the concepts flow creates a taxonomy.

Click HERE if you want to see a dynamic representation of the TIMN construct even as small as it is now. If you want to dig through the CAPTCHA mine field, difficulty of logging in feel free to leave terms, concepts, definitions in the comments you think need to be added. One way of doing this as follows (though any help is appreciated).



— Round

— Roll on ground


— Gasoline

— Electric

— Steam

— Human

-Entrance Egress Method

— Not required to be a door

— Can be only one or multiple

However you decide or don’t to get involved check out Dr. Ronfeldt’s site.

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