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Once again I changed the tag line of the blog. One reason is that Syd is no longer a professor. As a women, with over a decade professorial experience in high education, primarily teaching in STEM, and creating and adapting highly technical coursers to be taught with high interaction at a distance. She basically told higher education to FOAD and took a real job working in forensics. So that was one reason to change the tag line.

The other reason is this blog has never been about cyber warfare, forensics, or anything other than what I’m interested in and want to document. In the early 1990s to mid 2000s that was motorcycling. Sometimes it is about running. I’ve got several posts on bicycling. We post recipes and how we handle our kids. Some successes from time to time. It’s more about life. With around a 1000 hits a day on various functions of the blog it is small and cohesive following.

A commenter said, “what does motorcycles have to do with technology or cyber?” My motorcycle has a fully meshed bluetooth vehicle network overlaying a CANBUS vehicle network that is tied into the Internet and satellite communications. My motorcycle provides a current location worldwide, can diagnose faults and email the factory, and has a cellular network. The motorcycle includes a USB based network and a multimedia interface. It has 9 different radio interfaces (2 helmets, intercom, radio, GPS, cb, iPod, cellular, and satcom).

Never mind that it is a six cylinder, water cooled, shaft drive, motorcycle with heated leather seats, heated grips, and an adjustable wind screen. There might be a little cybery stuff here. But, I write about stuff because it is fun.

Some up coming bloggy stuff should you be interested in the near future.

1) I’m teaching a file systems forensics course and I’m going to put all the materials on line for people to use. That includes disk images, reading materials, and the laboratory materials. I’m basing a lot of the materials on open source documents and Brian Carriers dated but excellent file systems book.

2) I’m teaching two more courses next semester on cyber conflict and transnational cyber crime, along with a network forensics course. All those materials will be linked to or online too.

3) I’m getting ready to farkle the bike so all of that will be on the blog too.

4) I’ve got a half dozen book reviews to post. They’re written but not even closure to polished. They are basically research notes from cyber conflict foundation literature.

5) I also have the bones of several articles about how to read and write ready to go. Blog posts are not literature so don’t equate them to the scientific world.

Thats it. New stuff once in awhile.


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