Techmount fun

For regular readers just skip this. I’m working something out with a vendor on my bike.

Basically, I have a BMW r1200 GS adventure that I’m preparing for a little ride this summer. I have installed an MC-Cruise (cruise control) and I have a J&M Handlebar CB radio that I’m trying to install. Because of the various accessories currently on the bike and being added (about $7K worth) I need to make sure that everything is right the FIRST time.

Then I run into an issue with the mounts. The mounts provided by J&M won’t work because of the cruise control bracket and switch. The cruise control bracket is the long poll because it is way more custom (or so I thought). Making everything fit is a bit of an issue. So I’m trying to use something called a Techmount. I ran across the following video that showed how one person solved the problem.

The gentleman in the video shows  how he did the install.


Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 7.34.03 PM

Here you can see from the video the techmount and how the gentleman from the video made a plate for the top of the techmount. The portion closest to the camera is part of european mount. The piece underneath of it is for the BMW bike line. The new ones are slightly different.

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 7.34.48 PM

Here a screen capture from the video shows how it fits behind the driving lights switch. On my bike it has to be slightly but not much higher.


This shows how the new techmount is way to tall. It has to be able to clear but this will put the J&M CB Radio in my field of vision which isn’t good.

So Techmount people can you help me out?


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