Cyber Forensics of mobile and embedded devices: Midterm Exam

All answers to questions should be in your own words. Do not copy the entire text of questions into you answer sheet. This is an essay exam meant to be completed over a period of approximately 5 hours. It will be due electronically to the people you were told to turn it into or via Blackboard. DO NOT COPY VERBATIM INFORMATION FROM BOOKS OR OTHER ONLINE SOURCES. Your entire exam as typed out by you will be submitted to the safe assign system. Significant plagiarism will result in a deduction of points equivalent to the percentage of plagiarism detected. USE YOUR OWN WORDS! This is a graduate level examination and analysis and thinking skills are highly regarded. That being said you must have the right answer. Cite your sources. Use good grammar and spelling.

You will be turning this in via TWO formats. READ THIS ENTIRE EXAM BEFORE STARTING.

Task: You will look around your home for an embedded or mobile device to perform an acquisition on and then analysis.

Failure to follow ALL OF THESE RULES could result in an F for the midterm exam (as in zero points) regardless of content. See them, read them, abide by them.


1)    No duplication of devices between students. Students should work out what devices they are going to work on among the class. This is the students responsibility.

2)    If two students turn in the same device (type, model) BOTH students will be given a zero.

3)    You may not use device (type, model) that we have done in class to this point (no iPhone, or Android Phones). If a student does this they will be given a zero.

4)    There will be no late turn in on these assignments. Late is a zero no exceptions.

5)    You will turn in a copy to BlackBoard Learn before October 11 @ 5PM

6)    You will turn in a copy to before October 11 @ 5PM

  1. You must register on the website, before noon October 1
  2. Use a pseudonym if you wish
  3. Send an email to that you have registered and the email address and username you used.
  4.  Copy your exam into the website
  5.  All images must be less than 2mb in size

7)     You will write your midterm exam using the syllabus format for a laboratory report.

8)    You may coordinate between each other and assist each other, but the write up MUST be your own work.

9)    YOU MUST cite where you got information from.

10)Your midterm will be checked by the SafeAssign system. For every percentage point it assigns to plagiarism you will be deducted a two percentage points from your grade. Bibliographic citations do not count against this.

11) This is supposed to be fun.

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