Details on the new 2014 BMW R1200 GS Adventure emerge


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The new water boxer BMW adventure motorcycle is set to arrive and be available. Pricing is still not available but the bike appears to have some real interesting potential. As a current GS Adventure rider I thought I’d share some points I thought were interesting. The fuel tank is about a gallon less than previous models. That has a long distance rider like myself concerned. The brochure states in several places that range has not decreased. I’d have preferred that range been increased with better fuel economy and the same or larger tank size.

For the long distance rider crowd this bike is definitely more towards serious dirt though it is wide. Nobody is going to mistake this for a KLR or DR in the dirt. Yet there are significant improvements suggested in the literature for off road manners.

One thing that is strange is found in the follow picture. Notice the crash bar exiting the side of the bike by the BMW roundrel? That little open tubing is an example found almost like a stylistic element on the bike in several places. The problem is in a tip over crash that little opening will center punch a body part like a wine glass through bread.

The second thing is in the following picture notice how the “U” shaped bar sweep forward on the bike? It is pointing forward at the wheel. As you read the R1200GS that is from the left side of the bike. That sweep forward means that any brush you see or encounter is going to be trapped by that part of the bike. Notice in the picture below that from my GS Adventure how they sweep backward.


Crash bar sweeps forward on the new GS Adventure. That makes for some interesting trailing in the brush. Image courtesy BMW Group click to make larger

On my bike a 2008 R1200 GS Adventure the sweep is to the rear. That keeps brush from locking up between the tip over protection and the side of the tank. It also makes a handy place to attach TouraTech panniers for long distance riding. It happens to be where I hide my snacks and other things that might be mooshed in a tip over and I’m not to worried about. You know things like a medical kit.


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Another little item is the glove box just behind the handlebars. I’m not sure what this will mean to tank bags and such on the bike. I’ve got to think the location of the gas tank ring means that various brands of strapless tank bags will work. The literature depicts a strap on tank bag but as many adventure riders have noted that a tank bag isn’t always the best solution.


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Overall the bike looks pretty neat. I’ll have to wait and see what it rides like.

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