Crude Faux: An analysis of cyber conflict within the oil and gas industries

crude_faux_coverThe oil & gas industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that has a history of conflict. As modern technology has developed, both the corporate aspects and technical aspects of the oil & gas industry have become heavily reliant on the Cyber domain. The inherently insecure origins and evolution of computing has led that dependence to become a severe vulnerability. Recent events have brought this fact to light with a deluge of “cyber attacks” launched globally against the industry. These attacks raise specter of cyber conflict and the question of culpabil- ity. This report seeks to analyze a selection of these events, looking for patterns that would indicate one or more advanced actors. By observing the motives means and opportunities presented to actors, and looking at a cross section of these attacks over time, conclusions will be drawn as to the past, present, and future of cyber conflict within the industry.

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