Garmin iPhone application for motorcycle rallies

This is a quick description of how I use my iPhone on motorcycle rallies. I also use two BMW Navigator IV GPS but the iPhone is actually a faster processor, better GPS, and shows up better in daylight. In my opinion.

When I get electronic way points from a rally master I can usually just copy them into a memo on the iPhone. I can also sync a word document or pages document as I see fit. The key point being getting the information onto the phone is not difficult or is at least as equivalent to traditional methods.

01 List Of Bonus Points in Notepad syncd

Using the copy command I can get the information from the memo into the GPS application.

02 Copy Bonus Points


Open the Garmin GPS application. My version has all of the enhancements possible. It includes cameras, traffic (requires cell phone signal) and 3D structures.


03 Night Vision Map of Garmin

The circle to the left arrow in the bottom left corner opens the navigation menu and then you can click “where to” to get the search screen. You can also get from this point.

04 Click on Where To

In the search location you can paste the coordinates.

05 You get a SEARCH Box

It will look like this and you can see on the keyboard the SEARCH button.

06 Paste the Coordinates into SEARCH

Then a location will show up with line of sight to the location. It is NOT the road distance.

07 Click on the Resulting Found Coordinates

This shows a few options besides just going to the location. You can save it as a favorite or get information about the location.

08 Click on GoClick on

When you click “GO” it will calculate. It is FAST in comparison to my Navigator IV.

09 GO


This may or may not work for everybody. There is a lot of heartache over having a $1000 phone on the handlebars. There is a lot of issues people have with the PHONE because they are trying to escape them. For me it is my entertainment device, and less escape as adventure enabler.


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