February 3rd Snow Event (updated)

Lake effect snow has struck Northwest Indiana again. Here in Porter Country we’ve received around six inches of snow since noon (it is now 2PM). As the snow continues to fall it just gets deeper and deeper. We had a bit of a melt over the last few days, but with the snow blowing drifts are beginning to build. Some pictures taken a bit ago.


Picking kiddos up at school.


This is the view across the parking lot at the local primary and elementary school There are busses in this picture and they are YELLOW!!!


Here you can see the busses for a moment. That is a 9 year old crossing guard in that picture. She was complaining about the weather. Darn kids.

Our local octogenarian crossing guard. When I’m that old I want to be able to stand in a snow storm and walk little kids across the street. Maybe not. Florida sounds better.

You could hear the kids long before you could see them. Which is often the case.

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