UCF: Digital forensics in the age of the Internet of things: Challenges and opportunities


The term “Internet of things” has different meaning to each of the constituent communities building services and devices. One community though is having to rapidly evolve and that is the digital forensics and incident response community. Whether it is the acquisition, analysis, reporting, or validating of results each of the steps in the forensic process is customized at almost a device level.

Through rapid advancement and practical application of the principles of digital forensics, a series of processes are discussed that give an indication of the future of this problem set to the digital forensics scientific community. As a work in progress, positive and negative results are discussed to give a grounding in the solutions and challenges of this research.

Tools, techniques, and procedures are provided as an overview utilizing an interesting case study and the challenges of that case study are discussed. Participants should learn about using current tools, new tools, and a few different strategies if they are challenged with a similar case in the future.


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