Breaking Down Stereotypes: A Call for an ontological Model

Rosco, R., Rogers, M. Liles, S., “Breaking Down Stereotypes: A Call for an ontological Model“. In proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences Hilton Waikoloa Village Waikoloa HI January 3 – 6, 2007


An ontological model, such as the one proposed in this paper, can provide the basis for many activities. The first important activity is the ability to gather and categorize statistics which provide the empirical basis to discuss deviant computer usage, thus helping to dispel stereotypes. The information gathered via the proposed ontological model could be used to (1) validate or create categories in taxonomies, (2) educate potential victims about their risk factors, (3) help corporations determine security priorities, (4) reduce the potential suspect pool in a crime investigation, (5) provide data for policy makers, (6) create computer crime profiles , and multiple other uses.

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