Veterans Day

I served in the Army National Guard and then transferred into the Marines.
I have lectured at almost all the US military accademies. I have lectured at all of the US war colleges, and most of the staff colleges. I have taught overseas to ally nations. I have had breakfast with all but the current chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. I have briefed four different administrations cabinets. I have a doctoral degree from a top university. I achieved tenure as a professor at one of the top universities for security studies in the world.
I‘ve been a cop, a senior in industry, and now I am a senior in the intelligence community. The thing I am most proud of in my career is my short stint as a US Marine. I was not a good Marine. I was an extra dessert from diet private status to often. I never deployed to far off lands. Let’s be honest I sucked as a Marine.
I’ve never been to a Marine Corps Ball. I own very little USMC memorabilia beyond a hat, a pin, a tiny flag and a license plate. I have and will always be proud of the eagle, globe, and anchor. I will always favor those who preceded and followed me into the Corps. A DD214 documents my start as a veteran and the end of my military service. The eagle globe and anchor represents that service.



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