Tourney of home offices: A minor contribution

I’ve been tagged in the tourney of home offices by my esteemed colleague Shane. This little round robin was set up by the infamous Zenpundit. I thought about cleaning it all up before I snapped some pictures but that wouldn’t be nearly as fun. This is actually a full working office as the other professor Liles works full time from here. This then is my home office.

These shelves are crammed with information operations, cyber warfare, computer network operations, and military theory books. The binders are are portion of the journal articles from my dissertation research.

This picture is of course the other halfs of the room. She actually gets about 2/3rds of it. The entire house runs off a multiple access point high speed wireless connection. There is a laser printer with duplexer connected to the wireless.

Then there is the library. I couldn’t get all of the shelves in the shot, but this gives a pretty good idea of the size. We have some real nice leather club/cigar chairs coming for the library next week. That will fill the room out nicely

So, Shane got two birds with one stone since he got I and the misses. I still want to see where Adam at Dreaming5GW, Marc at In Harmonium, Drew at Zero Intelligence Agents, and Tim at UbiWar work.

Some day I’ll add in the reading room. A three season porch with forest views.

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  1. May 9, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    Just a heads up, Tim already made his entry in the tourney.

    Mine coming soon…

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