EOTI Refit: Mattresses

If you are going to live and cruise on a boat you are going to want to sleep. We never want to feel like we are camping. We want to have the live aboard lifestyle with out the fuss and mess. The mattresses on EOTI were the original mattresses from around 1999-2000 time period. Talking about mattresses may not seem like a high priority but we are old and like our comfort. Turns out after starting the process our teenager crew likes being comfortable too. The original mattresses had really nice covers, were clean, but the foam after nearly two decades was starting to compact. Under the captains girth the foam crushed down completely within a few hours, but even the tiny first mate was on the hard by morning. We set some pretty specific goals for this project.

  1. The mattresses would be 1 piece and not have exposed seams.
  2. The mattresses would be slightly thicker and provide multiple density levels
  3. Some type of anti microbial anti fungus would be required as part of the mattresses
  4. The new shape would mimic or duplicate the old mattresses for an “as built” look

The original stern cabin (master) was where we spent most of our time. If we were only going to be sleeping aboard a few nights a year I would have likely still prioritized this job. The previous owner was of slighter stature than I. We wanted to go with something that was slightly thicker too but not over powering to the seats next to the bed. We know that we are going to be doing the entire interior likely early next year. As such we wanted to leave room for the bolsters we’ll likely specify for the seats next to the bed.

Our choice was something called the Ultimate Mattress. I contacted Comfort Custom Mattresses & Marine Bedding which happens to be local in Fort Lauderdale area and asked for some specifics. We went with their top of the line mattress with all the “bells and whistles” which included a cool gel memory foam & latex foam, smooth cover, and mildew resistant bottom. This mattress is amazing. The first night we slept on it we realized that it was likely better than the custom mattress we had on our previous residential bed.

The forward state room also has a walk around bed. In the name of convenience the bed is split into two pieces. Having only slept on it this way a few times we can confirm that seam is exactly where you find yourself waking up all night long. The bed does not appear to have been used as often, but still resulted in sinking to the bottom over night.

The specification of the replacement was exactly the same as the stern master stateroom. It will be more difficult to get a sail out of the large locker below the bunk, but would seem to be a rare occasion.

This year of moody and our version of it has a crew cabin with two pipe berths. Our twin teenagers fit in here just fine. Really just fine. I mean it. It will be fine. The fact my sons are twins and the berths are significantly different in size would not have caused any consternation. None what so ever.

The new bunks are absolutely a win. Both of my sons say these are amazing bunks/beds. To be fair to the reader they are both sleeping on dorm bunks at their University. Their previous beds were the same ones they got when they entered junior high school. So, anything might be better, but the notice of the difference is likely representative of their use.

The company traveled to the boat, made templates or took the old mattresses away as templates, and then returned with the finished product. This is pretty awesome service and was always done very professionally. We have one more pipe berth that is currently used as a shelf to have a mattress made. However the cost of this is not for the faint of heart. When you put it in the context of a residential but custom mattress it makes sense. The cost at this time is approximately $5200 and after several months of sleeping on them they seem well worth it to us.


Bonus Content: The following is a video of Sydney making the bed in the master cabin.