Plot Twist: Chemo Cycle 6 (of 6)

This is it. The last Chemotherapy cycle.

6 cycles, 21 days each

  • 126 days
  • 18 weeks
  • 4.5 months
  • 30 days inpatient in the hospital
  • 24 chemo bags
  • 6 Neulasta/Fulphil shots
  • 8 Rituxan treatments
  • 43 Complete Blood Counts W/Auto Diff
  • 43 Complete Metabolic Panels
  • 3 PET scans
  • 2 Echocardiograms
  • 1 Transfusion (for severe anemia)
  • 1 Ultrasound (looking for blood clots)

Also prior to the start of the chemotherapy

  • 1 Mediastinal Mass Biopsy
  • 1 Bone Marrow Biopsy
  • 1 PICC Line Placement

Total cost of treatment over $500,000

I lost all my hair, most of my eyebrows and eyelashes, body hair. I have lived with a bitter taste in my mouth most of the time. I have been mildly to severely anemic through out. My appetite has come and gone but has mostly been normal. I have had mild peripheral neuropathy in my fingers. I have had a couple of bouts of mouth sores. I fainted once. I developed 1 blood vessel occlusions (clots) in my upper left arm. I have had low to no energy through out.

I have not suffered nausea or vomiting. I have not lost weight (not so much as an ounce). I have not been exceptionally cold. I have not had to stop using metal utensils due to the taste.

I have stayed as strong physically and mentally as I could. I have kept a positive attitude and tried to not borrow trouble. I have been learning and practicing patience.

And the PICC line was removed before I left the hospital.

And here I am at the end of the chemotherapy. Not that I’ve been counting…


Next up, another PET Scan to see if all the cancer is gone. A consult with a radiation oncologist (just in case), and monitoring. Lots of monitoring. And recovery. I am really looking forward to recovery.