Plot twist: Medical Care on the Go

Here we are in the middle of 2020, arguably the strangest year in a very long time. I am still considered immune compromised so I am higher risk that the average person. And I live in Florida on a boat and it is hurricane season.

Best thing to do is avoid being in the same place as the hurricanes, so we are sailing north out of the hurricane zone.

This does not change my follow up monitoring appointments, although they have been changed to telemedicine via FaceTime. This is good because I can be anywhere and still see my doctors.

But I still have to get blood work done. I tried to get this done before we started sailing north, but the labs were closed. I figured I would be able to do this once we got to the Chesapeake.

We are hopping north very slowly. As we pick our next stop I look around to see what is nearby. At our most recent stop I saw a lab. And they were open. I made an appointment, went in with my orders, and got the blood work done. The most challenging part was helping the tech figure out where to have the results sent since it was not local. The tech told me they get travelers doing exactly what I did all the time.

I got my blood work done and will have everything sorted out for my next follow up appointments. I am pretty happy with myself.