2020 Q4 Prognostications

I’ve been known to make lots of prognostications. The following list is the second half of 2020 worst of cases. They are not like a laundry list or even linked. Some are the opposite of each other. 

Here are a bunch of guesses from July 1 2020.


  • COVID resurgence (peak November)
  • COVID fatality rate misattributed (November 275K dead)
  • COVID takes off half of life span of anybody under 30 who gets it post Covid19 pattern discovered (November)
  • COVID precursor disease that creates abnormality later identified. Creates a morbidity where one had not existed prior (December)
  • New highly virulent respiratory disease detected in China (in people October)


  • Donald J Trump dies (October)
  • Joseph Biden dies (October)
  • Joseph Biden wins election bid Republican governors push through constitutional convention or other form of civil action/war (December)
  • Donald Trump wins election and has Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and Barak Obama arrested for treason (December)
  • European Union breaks off diplomatic ties with USA (October or November)
  • China fires on US airplane in the Spratleys (October)


  • Two major hurricanes hit the east coast between August and November 
  • California has major earthquake in Los Angeles (August)
  • West sees major summer draught fires eclipsing previous records *summer*
  • Red Tide emerges in the Gulf of Mexico (August-September)

Animal Life

  • Spate of shark attacks in North East tracked to global warming (August)
  • Locusts erupt in the great plains when brought to the US in shipping container (July)
  • CWD (mad cow disease) outbreak in US cattle industry (August)