The F-Word

As a former Marine I take umbrage at to much political correctness….

The f-word is a capital letter, comma, period, exclamation mark, and hyphen. It fills the role of punctuation in the speech of a Marine. It should be used in language as such. For those afraid of the f-word, fearful, inured, cultured, obtuse, or some other form of mentally restricted the f-word is also very flexible. If you yell it on an ascending note it can express pain, growled in a low tone it means the impending doom of a victim, and shouted on a descending note it means disdain.

The f-word is scalable, sustainable, highly flexible, and technically talented. Appropriately used it can cause, laughter, hate, further cursing, intercourse, and ultimately marriage. When in doubt of an appropriate ancillary exclamation it is an inexhaustible source of emotion.

For those who may be offended I am a United States Marine (83 to 86). It is my god given right to use the f-word as I see fit, when I see fit, and where I please. I may use it in church, in public, or when I get married. No man or woman can impose rules or principles of conduct to stop me. I earned the right through force of arms, blood debt, enforced pain, misery, service, and knowledge of weapons.

And that is f’ing awesome.

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