Dear Britney!

I think I may be the only person who really feels sorry for Britney Spears. I do not find any kind of entertainment in watching the interviews or the VMAs where she performs very badly.

When I look at Britney, I see a young woman who is in tremendous pain. She is a victim of the very thing she has helped create and perpetuate, the icon of the teenaged vixen. The problem is that Britney is no longer a teenager. She no longer has a tight and toned body. And she has not figured out how to translate her new self into her new career.

Britney is now a mom. She has a “mommy” body. She has concerns beyond just dancing and lip-syncing.

Imagine if, instead of showing up at the VMAs dressed like a hooker and trying to pull off the same kind of act she has always performed, she had arrived in a sleek and slinky full-length gown, carrying her children. She could have walked on to stage, smiled with her beautiful smile and performed a gorgeous and sweet lullaby.

And we would have all welcomed her and the luscious curves that only come with motherhood to the hotty mommy club.

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